VoxelSensors Expands its Spatial and Empathic Computing Solutions with Gaze Tracking, Acquires EyeWay Vision’s IP, and Unveils the Plan for its First Spatial Awareness System for Mobile

Brussels, Belgium, 22 February 2024VoxelSensors, a leading startup in sensing technologies, announced a significant step towards real-life communication and intuitive interaction in the digital world. This strategic announcement, unveiled at MWC Barcelona, entails the acquisition of EyeWay Vision’s intellectual and industrial property, along with their expertise in gaze tracking and projection technology for XR. By seamlessly integrating this technology with its innovative Single Photon Active Event Sensor (SPAES), VoxelSensors strengthens its leading position in Spatial and Empathic Computing for Mobile and XR to unlock next-generation user experiences across various devices.

This expansion follows the closing of VoxelSensors’ €9.5 million Seed Round, empowering its ambition to spearhead the fusion of depth sensing and gaze tracking for stellar spatial and empathic immersive experiences. The company is set to expedite the development and rollout of its technology with an upcoming Series-A funding round.


VoxelSensors acquires EyeWay Vision’s IP to advance Spatial and Empathic Computing
On a track to enhance spatial and empathic computing experiences, VoxelSensors has completed the acquisition of EyeWay Vision’s industrial and intellectual property (IP) portfolio and know-how. Founded in 2014, EyeWay Vision is an Israeli company pioneering immersive XR glasses. Its innovation includes a novel gaze contingent projection architecture including underlying technology, such as dynamic exit pupil shifter, varifocal foveated projection, laser-based gaze tracker, and efficient sequential graphical pipeline.

This architecture simultaneously addresses many critical XR requirements, such as:

  • Power efficiency for all-day use, daylight visibility, and dynamic range
  • Solution for vergence accommodation conflict
  • Continuous varifocal interaction
  • Zero perceived latency and image persistence
  • Virtually pixel-less and photorealistic perceived 5K image
  • Situational awareness due to wide dynamic field-of-view

With this acquisition, VoxelSensors further strengthens its portfolio. The combined technology holds promise for truly immersive experiences across diverse sectors like entertainment, health, shopping, education, and professional applications.

“The acquisition of EyeWay Vision’s IPs and the mobile depth system mark key milestones for VoxelSensors,” stated Johannes Peeters, CEO of VoxelSensors. “Together, these advancements position us as a major player in the rapidly evolving spatial and empathic computing market for mobile and XR devices. By combining our technologies, we can offer seamless and intuitive interactions in these domains, significantly enhancing user experience while utilizing our efficient SPAES sensor.”

SPAES for Mobile
At MWC, VoxelSensors will preview its first Spatial Awareness system for mobile, powered by a single SPAES sensor and a single illuminator. This novel system is part of the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of low-power, low-latency, and precise spatial awareness and empathic computing for intuitive user interfaces, biometric face authentication, enhanced photos and videos, and mobile augmented experiences.

“The combined power of Single Photon Active Event Sensing and EyeWay Vision’s technology addresses customer demands for power-efficient, low-latency, and precise perception and interaction systems. This opens exciting new opportunities for integration in mobile and XR platforms, with fully immersive and intuitive experiences that redefine spatial and empathic computing,” said Ward van der Tempel, CTO of VoxelSensors. “The synergy of technologies pushes the boundaries of what is possible and marks a major step forward in our industry.”

VoxelSensors at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024
Visit VoxelSensors at MWC Barcelona (stand 7G51) and 4YFN Barcelona (stand D11) between the 26th and 29th of February for the SPAES demo experience. Contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting.


About VoxelSensors
VoxelSensors develops groundbreaking sensing technology for Spatial and Empathic interfaces and Mobile, XR, and industrial applications. Our proprietary Single Photon Active Event Sensor (SPAES) technology and system architecture are designed to fulfill the demands of end-product manufacturers seeking power-efficient, low-latency spatial awareness, gaze tracking, and intuitive interaction solutions. By transcending the experience barrier, our technology propels the growth of the Mobile and XR markets while satisfying the rising demand for Spatial and Empathic applications across various industries.

The foundational SPAES technology enables a revolutionary sequential system based on Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) that are single-photon sensitive and uniquely deliver low-power, low-latency data paths, and highly precise information. This game-changing innovation unlocks the full potential of immersive and autonomous experiences, transforming consumer electronics, smartphones, wearables, and industrial applications.

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