VoxelSensors’ firstSPAES depth camera system

Andromeda 2 depth camera is a cutting-edge vision sensing devicebased on VoxelSensors Single Photon Active Event Sensor (SPAES) technology.

EVK key features:

  • Dynamic triangulation system based on SPAES technology
  • Continuous event-based depth data stream (x, y, z, t) over USB 3
  • Laser beam scanner illumination

EVK includes:

  • A depth camera with built-in
    2x SPAES sensors
  • Laser-based Lissajous illuminator
  • VoxelSensors SDK 2.0 suite
  • Installation guidelines, technical documentation, and remote support

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Andromeda 2 SPAES Evaluation Kits will ship in Spring 2024.

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    Data brief, white paper, and more




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